Vehicles and Transportation

Vehicles and Transportation

N1 What vehicle takes you to the hospital in an emergency?

N2 The car used to carry a dead body for burial:

N2b You call the driver of a car you can hire to take you somewhere a(n) ________.

N3 The vehicle that takes arrested people to the police station or to jail:

N4 A police vehicle with a red, blue, or yellow flashing light on top:

N4b Do you have a name for the flashing light?

N5 Nicknames for an automobile, especially an old or broken-down car:

N5b When a vehicle isn’t running smoothly and the engine seems to stop for a second, then keep going, you might say it __________________.

N6 An old car that has been fixed up to make it go fast or make a lot of noise:

N6b An open-sided shelter that you can drive your car into to protect it from the weather:

N6c When you are leaving a car outside on a hot day, you might say, “Why don’t you __________ the window a bit, so that it doesn’t get so hot in here?”

N6d What names do you have for the third row of seating in the back of a van or SUV (and formerly a station wagon)?

N7 If you had made a trip by car to a city, you might say, “We ________ to X last week.”

N7b To pay for parking on a street: “I have to go ______ the meter.”

N7c What do you call a large area or structure where you can park your car for a few hours?

N8 If somebody gave you lessons in driving a car, you might say, “She ________ me how to drive.”

N9 The colored light that controls the cars at busy road crossings:

N10a When you’re driving in the country and want to see far ahead, you use one set of lights, but when you see an oncoming car, you need to switch to another set. You might call them _____ and _____.

N10b When you are driving and plan to make a turn, you have to let other drivers know by turning on the __________.

N10c What do you call the storage place in the dashboard in front of the passenger seat of a car?

N10d If you live in a cold climate, you might get chunks of ice that build up in the wheel wells of your vehicle. You would call them ________.

N10e What do you call the device in a vehicle that tells you how to get to your destination?

N10f The metal registration identification attached to the back and sometimes also the front of a vehicle:

N10g The small adhesive label you attach to the item in the preceding question to show that you have made your annual payment:

N11a A very large truck used to haul freight, new cars, and other big loads:

N11b The loud braking method sometimes used by tractor-trailer truck drivers—the use of this method is banned in some places, and a sign might warn, “No _________.”

N11c What do you call the different types of structures you can install on the back of a pickup truck to protect your cargo from weather and theft?

N12a Names for somebody who drives carelessly or not well:

N12b What do you call a traffic slowdown caused by motorists viewing a road accident?

N12c A 360-degree turn made by a skidding or uncontrolled vehicle:

N13 If someone has been drinking and then drives a car, she may be arrested for:

N14 The place where you go to put gasoline into a car:

N15a Gas stations usually have several kinds of gasoline: a cheaper kind that’s called ________.

N15b Gas stations usually have several kinds of gasoline: a more expensive kind that’s called ________.

N16a Names for a highway with two lanes on each side and a separation down the middle:

N16b Names for a highway with two lanes on each side and a separation down the middle—if you have to pay to drive on it:

N16c If you’re referring to a particular interstate highway designated by a certain number, you might say, “The fastest way to get from [one large city] to [another large city] is to take ________.”

N16d On an interstate highway, what are the places provided for stopping and resting called?

N17 What do you call the separating area in the middle of a four-lane road?

N17b What do you call the (usually) concrete forms set up to divide lanes of traffic during highway construction?

N17c A broad bump, perhaps four feet long, that is put across a road to slow traffic:

N17d The smaller, more abrupt bump put across a city street to slow traffic:

N18 If state or county roads in your area are designated by numbers or letters rather than names, you might give directions by saying, “Take _______ for two miles and turn west.”

N19 What do you call a structure that carries a road above railroad tracks, or above another road or a deep gully?

N20a What do you call a circular arrangement on one level at a big intersection, where cars can go around till they come to the road they want?

N20b An area where several roads connect and some go above the others in a curving or circular pattern:

N20c What do you call the grooves made in a roadway to warn you of an upcoming intersection, or the edge of a road?

N20d What does a sign say to warn you that a street comes to an end?

N21 What do you call a road that is surfaced with smooth black pavement?

N23 Other kinds of paved roads around here:

N24 A ditch along the side of a road:

N25 The unpaved part of a road along the edge:

N27a Names around here for different kinds of unpaved roads:

N27b When an unpaved road get very rough, you call it (a) ________.

N28 A road that connects a big highway with stores and business places set back from it:

N29 What names are used around here for a less important road running back from a main road?

N30 What do you call a sudden short dip in a road?

N31 A place in a road where animals regularly go across:

N32 A place where roads cross at right angles:

N34 An electric car that runs on tracks in a city:

N34b The system of trains that runs underground in large cities:

N35 A fast train that goes from one big city to another without stopping at all the stations:

N35b What do you call a train or bus that bypasses many stops and goes directly in to the city center?

N35c Riders on a public bus are not allowed to be too close to the driver; they must stay behind the __________.

N38a On a trip, when you have to change trains and wait a while between them, you might say, “I have a two-hour ________ in Chicago.”

N38b If commuters gather in one place to try to get a ride with a driver who is going to the same or a nearby destination, they are called ________.

N38c If commuters gather in one place to try to get a ride with a driver who is going to the same or a nearby destination, the place they gather is called a(n) ________.

N38d What motorized vehicles are used to travel over snow?

N38e What motorized vehicles are used to travel around on a farm or in the woods when there is no snow?

N38f What do you call a small, motorized, two-wheeled vehicle that is not a motorcycle?

N38g The machine that individuals use to clear snow from their sidewalks and driveways:

N42 Wheeled carriers for babies or small children—the kind they can lie down in:

N43 Wheeled carriers for small children—the kind they have to sit up in:

N43b Portable infant carriers that can be set on a counter or table so that the babies are closer to eye level:

N44 In a town, the strip of grass and trees between the sidewalk and the curb:

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