Farm Animals

Farm Animals

K1 A cow that is giving milk is (a) ________.

K3a When a cow stops giving milk, you say she ________.

K3b When a cow stops giving milk, you say she’s a(n) ________.

K4 The cow’s udder is called the ________.

K6 Taking the last of the milk from the udder is called:

K7 What sickness can a cow get in her udder—for example, if she’s left unmilked too long?

K8 Joking terms for milking a cow: A farmer might say, “Well, it’s time to go out and ________.”

K9 If one quarter of a cow’s udder does not give milk, you say she’s ________.

K10 Words used about a cow that is going to have a calf:

K11 When a cow has a calf, you say she ________.

K12 A cow that has never had horns:

K13 A cow that has had her horns cut off:

K14 Milk that has a taste from something the cow ate in the pasture—you say, “That milk is ________.”

K15 A thin, bony, or poor-looking cow:

K16 A cow with a bad temper:

K18 What kind of mark is used around here to identify a cow?

K19 Noise made by a calf that’s taken away from its mother:

K20 A calf that is sold for meat:

K21 The noise a cow makes, calling for her calf:

K22 Words used for a bull:

K23 Polite or euphemistic terms used for a bull:

K25 What is a ‘steer’?

K28 What are the chief diseases that cows have around here?

K37 What do you call a horse of mixed colors?

K38 A horse of a dirty white color:

K39 What other names do you have for horses according to their colors?

K40 The sound that a horse makes:

K41 A horse with its tail cut short is called a(n) ________.

K42 A horse that is rough, wild, or dangerous:

K43 A horse that was not intentionally bred, or bred by accident:

K44 A bony or poor-looking horse:

K45 When a mare has had a young horse, you say she has just ________.

K47 What diseases do horses or mules commonly get around here?

K48 When a horse is short of breath, you say it’s ________.

K49 You take a horse to the blacksmith to have it ________.

K50 Joking nicknames for a mule:

K51 Talking about pigs, a very young one is called a(n) ________.

K52 A male pig kept for breeding is a(n) ________.

K54 Names used around here for the smallest pig in a litter:

K55 A pig that doesn’t grow well and is not worth keeping:

K57 The big teeth that stick out of a boar’s mouth:

K58 A castrated pig is a(n) ________.

K59 What do pigs eat out of?

K60 When somebody is going to give the pigs food, he says, “I’m going to ________.”

K61 What do you call a pig’s nose?

K62 What do you call a female sheep?

K63 What do you call a male sheep?

K66 The noise made by a sheep:

K68 What do you call a goat that habitually strikes people with its horns?

K70 Words used around here meaning to castrate an animal:

K72 When the hen stops laying and begins to sit on the eggs to hatch them, she’s a(n) ________.

K73 What names do you have for the rump of a cooked chicken?

K74 A bone from the breast of a chicken, shaped like a horseshoe:

K75 A male turkey is called a(n) ________.

K76 What other kinds of poultry are raised around here?

K78 What diseases do chickens commonly get around here?

K79 How do you call the chickens to you at feeding time?

K80 The call that’s used around here to get the cows in from the pasture:

K81 To make a cow stand still—for example, when milking her—you say, “________.”

K82 The call used around here to get horses in from the pasture:

K83 To call a calf to you at feeding time:

K84 The call used around here to get the pigs in at feeding time:

K85 The call to sheep to come in from the pasture:

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