Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife

P1 What kinds of freshwater fish are caught around here that are good to eat? (Open question)

P2 (In saltwater areas)What kinds of saltwater fish caught around here are good to eat? (Open question)

P3 Freshwater fish that are not good to eat: (Open question)

P4 Saltwater fish that are not good to eat: (Open question)

P5 What do you call the common worm used as bait?

P6 Other kinds of worms also used for bait: (Open question) [Early QRs: A much larger worm also used for bait:]

P7 Small fish used as bait for bigger fish:

P8 Do fishermen around here use ‘white bait’? If answer is ‘yes’, what is it? [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P9 When you’re fishing but not catching any, you might say, “________.”

P10 When the fishing is very good, you might say: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P11 When the fish just begins to take the bait, you say: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P12 When the fish takes the bait with a quick pull: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P13 What other ways of fishing do you have around here besides the ordinary hook and line? (Special kinds of bait, hooks, lures, nets, traps, spears, etc.?) (Open question)

P14 If commercial fishing is done around here, what do the fishermen go out after? (Open question)

P15 What do you call fishing that’s done from a slowly moving boat?

P16 When fishermen throw bits of bait in the water to attract fish—what do you call this?

P17 What do you call it around here when the people fish by lowering a line and sinker close to the bottom of the water?

P18 What kinds of shellfish are common around here? (Open question)

P19 What do you call the small, freshwater crayfish around here?

P20 Very young frogs—when they still have tails but no legs:

P21 Small frogs that sing or chirp loudly in spring:

P22 Names or nicknames for a very large frog that makes a deep, loud sound:

P23 Names for the animal similar to the frog that lives away from water:

P24 What kinds of turtles are found around here? (Open question)

P25 What kinds of snakes are found around here? (Open question)

P26 Names and nicknames around here for a skunk:

P27 What kinds of squirrels do you have around here? (Open question)

P28 What other names do you have for the chipmunk? [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P29 Do you have ‘gophers’ around here? If yes, what other name do they have, or what other animal are they most like? (The term is applied differently in different places.) [Early QRs: Do you have gophers around here? (If yes) What are they like? (The term is applied in different places to:)]

P30 Do you have wild rabbits around here? What kinds?

P31 What other names or nicknames do you have around here for the groundhog, muskrat, opossum, panther, porcupine, raccoon, wildcat?

P32 What other kinds of wild animals do you have around here? (Open question)

P33 When an animal goes into its hole to sleep all winter, it ________. (What animals?) [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P34 Names or nicknames for a female deer: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P35a Names or nicknames for any deer shot illegally:

P35b Illegal methods of shooting deer: [Not asked in early Questionnaires]

P36 When a hunter sees a deer or other game animal and gets so excited he can’t shoot, he has ________.

P37a Nicknames for a rifle:

P37b Nicknames for a shotgun:

P38 What do you put into a rifle to shoot?

P38b What do you put into a shotgun? [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

P39a When a hunter or a dog finds a game animal and makes it start running, you’d say he ________ it.

P39b If the dog makes a bird or a covey fly, you’d say he ________.

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