squaw summer

squaw summer n Cf Indian summer n, squaw wind n, squaw winter n

A period of unseasonably warm weather in late autumn or early spring.

1878 Observer (Richland Center WI) 7 Feb 8/1, “Squaw summer” still continues. Let not the farmers “forget to remember” it is still mid winter, and not maple sugar time. 1884 Eve. Observer (Dunkirk NY) 28 Nov 4/2, Last week we had a squaw summer. This week we have a buck winter. 1900 Newport Mercury (RI) 28 Apr [4]/4 (newspaperarchive.com), The hot wave or squaw summer occurs about the time the whippoorwill begins his well known serenades. 1950 NV State Jrl. (Reno) 7 Nov 16/6, Wells [=a community] basked in “squaw summer” last week (Indian summer passed this way in October). 1950 WELS (A period of warm weather late in the fall) 1 Inf, seWI, Squaw summer—old-fashioned. 1969 DARE (Qu. B32) Inf PA197, Squaw summer. 2002 DARE File—Internet CO, The potted ones [=plants] are getting a sunbreak now that we are into Papoose summer (the summer that follows Squaw summer, that follows Indian summer).