Snakenavel n Also Snake’s Navel Cf DS C33

Used as a name for an imaginary, extremely remote town.

1976 Lima News (OH) 11 Apr sec D 2/1 swCA, The difference would be money gained if we could sell it, take the money and move to some place like Snake Navel, Wyo. 1984 Weaver TX Crude 126, Snakenavel. A fictitious city, usually said to be in Idaho. Used to give someone an idea of where you live—the wrong idea. “I’ve been from Bumfuck, Egypt, to Snakenavel, Idaho.” 1997 in 2002 DARE File—Internet, Snakenavel, MO: Researchers here have recently discovered a new disorder affecting thousands of rural communities nationwide. The disorder now named Wegonnagetagrant also seems to be somewhat prevalent among some water and sewer districts. 2002 Ibid PA, The author would like to personalize your copy with . . a typed label such as “John and Mary Smith are pleased to present this book to The Public Library of Snake’s Navel, Montana.”