sannup n

sannup n [Algonquian; Narraganset sannop, Abnaki senanbe a married male member of the community] nNEng  A scamp, mischievous boy; see also quot 1959.[1634 Wood New Engl. Prospect sig O3r, [From a vocabulary of “the Natives Language”:] Sannup—a man / Squaw—a woman.] 1939 Coffin Capt. Abby 56 ME(as of 1860s), There’s that young sannup of a Sam going home crying again like a bullefant. I guess he got his going-home-a-crying at school today. 1947 Coffin Yankee Coast 63 ME, A boy. . . is also a sannup, the old Algonkian for warrior, if he misbehaves.  1959 VT Hist. 27.155 cs,seVT, Sarnup [sic]. . . Anything vicious, such as a cross setting hen. Rare. Windsor.  1975 Gould ME Lingo 241, Sannup. . . loosely used throughout Maine for a boy-child and usually a mischievous one: “You sannup, you! Stop plaguing that poor cat!”