rusticator n ME

A vacationer, esp a summer boarder.

1869 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 39.653 NY, It is its romantic wooded rock scenery, dark caverns, [etc] . . that render the Helderberg interesting to artist, author, poet, tourist, or rusticator. 1884 in 1953 Johnson Sullivan 127 ME, Affording superior accommodations at reasonable charges to families, tourists and rusticators, and all those seeking a healthful and pleasant place during the summer months. 1908 Wasson Home from Sea 148 sME coast,Of course they’re chock-a-block full of their cranky idees, else they would n’t be rusticators. . . You let her tell it, and all the rest-part of the rusticators that has to pack up their dunnage and be off to them city-places afore ever the leaves has turned. 1941 LANE Map 449 (Tourist) 10 infs, ME, Rusticator; 1 inf, ME, Rusticator, one who stays several weeks in the country; 1 inf, ME, Rusticator, older term. 1971 Courier–Gaz. (Rockland ME) 15 Aug 24 cME coast, Harbor scene at Owls Head, one of the coast’s earliest gathering places for summer “rusticators.” 1975 Gould ME Lingo 237, Rusticator—A summer complaint, but the derivation of the word suggests the farm rather than the seashore or the woods.