rising adj

often foll by ~ of: Exceeding; also as adv: more than. old-fash Cf rise n 1

1812 NY Eve. Post (NY) 10 Nov 2/2, New Hampshire has chosen . . federal electors for President by a majority rising Three Thousand! 1817 Paulding Letters from South 2.121 VA, How much wheat did you raise this year? “A little rising of five thousand bushels.” 1842 Kirkland Forest Life 2.38 MI, Look at the last legislature. They did not hold on above two months, and passed rising of two hundred laws. 1848 Bartlett Americanisms 276, Rising, or Rising of. More than, upwards of; as, ‘There were rising of a thousand men killed at the battle of Buena Vista.’ 1859 (1968) Ibid 367, James Smithson bequeathed to the United States rising half a million of dollars. 1861 Oregon Argus 9 Feb (1912 Thornton Amer. Gloss.), Gen. Harney is a little rising fifty years old. 1908 Wasson Home from Sea 27 sME coast, I been going out of this Cove risin’ seventy year now, and this is the first time ever God A’mighty shut the door plumb in my face. 1927 AmSp 2.363 cwWV, Rising of . . more than. “He has been gone rising of two hours.”
with a noun designating a student of a certain year in school: About to become (a student of that year). [By ext from rising approaching (a certain age)] Cf long adj B4; rise, make one’s v phr

1959 McAtee Oddments 6 cNC, Rising: . . a local use of this term, perhaps University slang. . . A rising sophomore is one nearing the end of his first year. Similarly “a rising junior,” and so on. 1966 Carteret Co. News–Times (Morehead City & Beaufort NC) 16 Aug 4/6, The bride is a rising senior at East Carteret High School. 1968 State (Columbia SC) 2 May sec B 8, The Erskine College student body has elected editors and business managers for The Mirror, campus newspaper, and The Arrow, college yearbook for the 1968–69 year. Mary McColl, rising senior, was named editor-in-chief of The Mirror.