potica n

potica n [Slovene; see quot 1991]

A yeast bread made by spreading a layer of dough with filling and rolling it up.

c1965 Randle Cookbooks (Ask Neighbor) 1.3 OH, Crackling Potica. . . Spread warm filling over dough which has been rolled to ½″ thickness. Roll like a jelly roll. Let rise until double in size. . . To make Mint Potica, substitute 1 c. chopped mint for 2 c. cracklings. 1967–68 DARE (Qu. H18, . . Special kinds of bread) Inf KS20, Potica[poˈtitzə]—a Yugoslavian bread; MN2, Potica [pəˈtitsə]—a kind of coffee cake, has ground nuts in it; (Qu. H32, . . Fancy rolls and pastries) Inf CO35, Potica [pətitsə]—Austrians—pastry slab covered with spices, rolled up, and cut up in loaves; (Qu. H65, Foreign foods favored by people around here) Inf KS20, Potica—Yugoslavian. 1981 Hachten Flavor WI 151, Walnut Potica (Yugoslavian). . . Make filling by adding honey and walnuts to melted butter. Stir in cream. Add sugar, salt, and dates. Cook until mixture starts bubbling. . . Roll out [yeasted] dough . . then pull with fingers until paper thin, being careful not to tear. . . Spread filling over entire area and roll up like a jelly roll. 1991 Kirlin–Kirlin Smithsonian Folklife Cookbook 114 MD, Potica is central to Slovenian cuisine. Literally, it means ‘something rolled in.’ At social occasions it is served, unbuttered, either as a bread with the main course or as dessert with coffee.