outside n

1  also attrib: The world outside of Alaska; esp, the rest of the United States. [From earlier use in ref to northern Canada] AK Cf inside n, lower adj 2, outside adv1900 Spurr Through Yukon Diggings 156 AK, “When did you leave the Outside?” . . (The Outside means anywhere but Alaska—a man who has been long in the country falls into the idea of considering himself in a kind of a prison, and refers to the rest of the world as lying beyond the door of this.)  1901 in 1991 Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl. 31, Today the mail contractor . . arrived, bringing outside papers. 1915 Stuck 10000 Miles 54 AK, From an “outside” point of view they may appear rough.  1935 Anchorage Daily Times (AK) 27 July (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), John Staller of Oklahoma left for the Outside today and will return the last part of August.  1944 Williamson Far North 209 AK, Outside is either the States or some other place beyond the confines of Alaska.  1953 AK Sportsman Oct 14, The trading company’s little railroad was no monstrous undertaking by Outside standards.  1959 Hart McKay’s AK 33, Outside: Means anywhere except Alaska and usually refers to any of the other states. 1987 Fairbanks Daily News–Miner (AK) 30 Dec 9 (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), Most people now have telephones and can call almost anywhere in the world, except on Christmas when all the lines to the Outside are always busy.
2  See outside child.