nibby adj, also used absol esp N Midl Cf nebby adj

Snoopy, inquisitive.

1942 McAtee Dial. Grant Co. IN 73 (as of 1890s), Nibby . . nosey (the latter word used in the country). 1942 in 1944 ADD 408 nWV, Nibby [ˈnɪbi]. In general use. 1943 in 1944 ADD 408, One broken-down med student . . Is very nibby but motherlike. Daily Athenaeum W. Va. Univ., Mar. 3, p. 3. 1946 PADS 6.21 eNC 1942, Nibby. . . Inquisitive. Used disparagingly. 1968–69 DARE (Qu. GG36a, The kind of person who is always poking into other people’s affairs: “She’s an awful _____.”) Infs IL36, NJ18, WV3, Nibby; OH78, Nibby person; (Qu. GG36b, . . “She’s the _____person I know!”) Infs NJ33, OH44, 78, Nibbiest. 1982 [see nibby-nose]. 1984 Wilder You All Spoken Here 13 Sth, Nibby: Inquisitive; meddlesome. 1995 DARE File sNJ (as of c1955), Where I grew up, people said that a nosey person was “nibby.”