hot hot

hot hot adj phr Also hot hot hot [See quot 1983] esp LA

Extremely hot; also used as an exclam.

1967–68 DARE (Qu. B3, If a day is very hot) Inf LA20, When it’s very hot they say it’s hot hot; (Qu. B4, A day when the air is very still, moist, and warm—it’s _____) Inf LA33, Hot hot; (Qu. NN20b, Exclamations caused by sudden pain—a slight burn) Inf TX36, Hot hot. 1983 Reinecke Coll. 6 LA, Intensive by triple repetition is very common in La. Fr[ench] and those whose English is influenced by La. French. . . “hot, hot, hot” . . with ascend[ing] pitch. Sometimes only double.