granddaddy graybeard

granddaddy graybeard n

also grandfather graybeard: = daddy longlegs n 1.

1872 MO State Entomol. Annual Rept. 17, An undetermined species of Phalangium. . . These animals are popularly called “Grand-Daddy-Long-Legs” in this country, but are also known as “Harvest-men” and “Grandfather-Gray-Beards,” in some parts. 1899 Bergen Animal Lore 38, A grand-daddy gray-beard (daddy-long-legs) running over clothes means that you will soon have a new garment. Boxford, Mass., and Cazenovia, N.Y. Ibid 58 wNY (as of c1830), Grandfather graybeard,/ Tell me where my cows are or I’ll kill you. 1923 DN 5.242 KY, Gran’-daddy-gray-beard. . . A kind of spider with elongated legs and feelers. 1937 Gardner Folkl. Schoharie 275 ceNY, When you don’t know where the cows are, catch a grandfather graybeard and say to him: “Tell me where the cows are, or I’ll kill you.” 1967–68 DARE (Qu. R28) Infs NY22, 88, Grandfather graybeard.
also granddad graybeard, grandfather ~, grandsir ~, grancy ~, gransy ~: = fringe tree n. chiefly Gulf States, S Atl

1908 DN 3.317 eAL, wGA, Grandaddy-graybeard. . . The fringe tree. Also called grancy graybeard. 1931 Clute Common Plants 88, Old man’s whiskers . . may merely suggest an elderly gentleman, especially as Chionanthus Virginica is also known as grandfather graybeard. 1933 Small Manual SE Flora 1041, Chionanthus. . . Flowers . . in drooping festoon-like panicles. . . Grandsir-graybeards. 1945 Clarke Co. Democrat (Grove Hill AL) 29 Mar 2/1, Being out turkey hunting some spring afternoon with the air heavy with the scent of wild honey suckle . . and with the white of the grandaddy graybeards . . peeping out. Ibid 13 June 2/3, Every street in Grove Hill should be lined with gransy graybeards (fringe trees), redbuds, crape myrtles and mimosas. 1951 PADS 15.37 TX, Chioanthus [sic] virginica. . . Grand-daddy graybeard. 1960 Williams Walk Egypt 102 GA, There were a few perished-by-dust blooms in the undergrowth along the road, jasmine, wild verbena, Grancy Graybeard. 1966–69 DARE (Qu. S26c, Wildflowers that grow in woods) Inf GA89, Grancy graybeard; (Qu. S26e, Other wildflowers) Infs SC27, 32, 46, 57, Granddaddy graybeard. 1968 DARE FW Addit LA21, Grancy graybeard . . a fair-sized shrub (6 to 7 feet). Another name [is] fringe tree. Flowers hang in long white clusters like cord-strings; LA40, Granddaddy graybeard . . tree with lots of large feathery white blossoms; blooms early April. 1969 SC Market Bulletin 25 Sept 4, Grand dad grey beard in gallon pots, guaranteed to live and grow, $2 plus postage 25c. 1972 Brown Wildflowers LA 135, Fringetree, Grancy-graybeard. . . Flower cluster 5 to 10 inches long.