google n [Perh blend of goggle n + goozle n 1] esp Sth, S Midl Cf DS X7

Also in combs: = goozle n 1. [The throat as a whole, or spec the gullet, windpipe, or Adam’s apple.]

1859 Taliaferro Fisher’s R. 29 nwNC, Two things he was particularly fond of, and upon which he flourished whenever he could get them—turnip greens and “hog’s gullicks,” the “Adam’s apple” of a hog’s haslet, or the “google,” as it is commonly called.1897 Boston Globe 18 July 27/8 (DA), The word is ‘google,’ meaning Adam’s apple, and is a Missouri provincialism. 1981 Pederson LAGS Basic Materials (Neck, throat) 1 inf, neTN, Google; 1 inf, neTN, Google—because it googles, makes a googling sound; 1 inf, swMS, Google—the part of your throat you swallow down; 2 infs, nwGA, seMS, Google—Adam’s apple; 1 inf, swAL, Google, joogle—Adam’s apple; 1 inf, cnFL, Google bone —Adam’s apple; 1 inf, cGA, Your swallow and your google pipe; 1 inf, csGA, Google vein; [1 inf, ceAL, Googly bane in the neck].