early candlelight

early candlelight n Also early candlelighting [ candlelight n] chiefly S Midl


1809 in 1929 Weems Mason Locke Weems 2.404 eVA, The Rev. Mason L. Weems, will deliver a discourse, this Evening . . at early candle light. 1854 Smith ’Way Down East 37 ME, By early candle-light, the company began to drop in. 1859 (1968) Bartlett Americanisms 135, Used to denote the beginning of the evening; as, “The meeting will begin at early candle-light.” 1890 Howells Boy’s Town 231 sOH, There will be an auction this evening at early candle-light. 1903 DN 2.312 seMO, Early candle-lighting. . . Early in the evening. ‘There will be preaching at early candle-lighting next Sunday.’ (A common announcement.) 1904 DN 2.418 nwAR, Early candle-light. 1905 DN 3.8 cCT, Early candle-light. 1907 DN 3.230 nwAR, Early candle-lighting. 1923 DN 5.203 swMO, Can’le light. . . Dusk, twilight. Modified by ‘early can’le light’ or ‘late can’le light.’ c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Early candlelight. . . Dusk. “We’ll be there by early candlelight.” 1966 DARE (Qu. A5) Inf AR38, Early candlelight. [FW: Inf has heard] 1968 Filson Club Hist. Qrly. 157 KY, We assembled at the church at early candle lighting.