coffee and

coffee and n  [coffee + and conj B5; cf cider and (at OED cider 2) 1754   →]  Coffee and a doughnut or roll; sometimes coffee with cream and sugar.1901 in 1954 Weingarten Amer. Dict. Slang 74, Coffee and. 1927 DN 5.442 ncNC [Underworld argot], Coffee an’. . . Coffee and a roll, a meal costing five cents.  1931 “Dean Stiff” Milk and Honey Route 15.172 (OEDS), The hash house where they sup plentiously [sic] on coffee-ands. 1946 AmSp 21.87 West Coast, But ‘coffee and’ or ‘coffee with’ means ‘with cream and sugar.’ In skidroad restaurants, ‘coffee and’ is still sometimes used for coffee and doughnuts, although this term is falling into disuse in that sense.  1980 De Vries Consenting Adults 78 IL, Stop in with me for a midmorning coffee-and sometime.