circumbendibus n [Fanciful formation borrowed from English literary use: Farmer–Henley Slang 1681   →] old-fash

Circumlocution, a roundabout way.

1834 Life Andrew Jackson 224, Now, gineral, I tell you without any circumbendibus, what the people say. 1848 Bartlett Americanisms, Circumbendibus. A circuitous, roundabout way, either of getting to a spot, or of telling a story. 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech, Circumbendibus. . . A roundabout way. 1942 Berrey–Van den Bark Amer. Slang 43.2, Something curved. . . circumbendibus, a roundabout way. Ibid 188.1, Speech; talk. . . circumbendibus, detour, a circumlocution.