candle fly

candle fly n Also candle bug, ~ flare, ~ miller chiefly Sth, Midl

= lightning bug n.

1959 Sanders Echoes 16 swAR, It seems that the crickets and candle bugs were better Methodists than a lot of the folks around our township; they would attend in great numbers every night. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. R4) 9 Infs, Sth, Midl, Candle fly; AR41, FL35, Candle bug; AR41, Candle miller; (Qu. R1) Inf VA26, Candle fly; (Qu. R5) Infs LA14, 15, Candle bug; (Qu. R10) Inf MO9, Candle flare; (Qu. R12) Inf NC10, Candle fly; (Qu. R30) Inf NC27, Candle bug. 1969 DARE FW Addit swNC, Candle fly.