boerenjongens n [Du “peasant boy”] in Dutch settlement areas  A drink usu made with whiskey and raisins usu served around Christmas time.1940 AmSp 15.83 Holland MI, Boerenjongens [ˈbu:rənˈjɔŋgəns]. A popular drink of brandy and raisins.  1969 DARE Tape MI103, [ˌbudiˈIJŋgəs] . . that’s raisins and whiskey that they soak for a few weeks before Christmas.  1976 Eet Smakelijk 35 swMI, Boerenjongens cocktail. . . Served especially during the Christmas season in Dutch homes. . . Cook raisins, water and cinnamon. . . Add sugar and whiskey. . . Seal. Let stand 3 months.