bobsleigh n chiefly Nth See Map A bobsled, usu used to haul loads.

1889 Century Dict. 3.607/2, Bob-sleigh. . . A sleigh constructed upon the same principle as a bob-sled. 1896 DN 1.413, Bob-sled: a short, heavy sled for hauling logs. . . In N.Y.w[estern]. also bob-sleigh. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. N40a, . . Sleighs . . for hauling loads) 102 Infs, chiefly Nth, Bobsleigh; MN12, Kind of bobsleigh; (Qu. N40b, . . Sleighs for carrying people) 9 Infs, Bobsleigh; MN12, WI51, Light bobsleigh; MI27, Little bobsleigh; NH16, Horse bobsleigh; MI47, Small bobsleigh; NY206, Two-seated bobsleigh.