bismarck n

bismarck n chiefly Upper MW, wGt Lakes

1 An oblong cake, cooked in deep fat; a long-john 2. 1930s in 1944 ADD St. Paul MN, If a solid oblong, called bismarck.1965–70 DARE (Qu. H30) Infs IL17, 45, 50, IN1, IA32, 41, 47, ME16, MA122, MI13, 46, 96, VT8, Bismarck. 1976 LaCrosse Tribune (WI) 8 Apr 17/4, The resulting fry bread is similar to bakery bismarcks, but less sweet and more airy.
2  A deep-fried cake with a filling, usu of jelly. See Map1950 WELS Suppl., 1 Inf, csWI, Bismarck—round doughnut with jelly or prune center.  1965–70 DARE (Qu. H29, A round cake, cooked in deep fat, with jelly inside)125 Infs, chiefly Upper MW, wGt Lakes, Bismarck; ND1, Chicago bismarck.  1971 AmSp 46.79 Chicago IL, Jelly-filled doughnut: bismarck.1973 Allen LAUM 1.282 ceMN, csND, Doughnut. . . Bismarck: With jelly in the center.  1976 Winsor 3 Motives 96, She placed the tray of cups . . and a plate of sugared jelly doughnuts on the coffee table. “We still call them bismarcks, don’t know why.” I said, “I remember that’s what they called them in Milwaukee.”