back-end-to adv phr  For varr see quots [EDD back-end-fore 1886   →] chiefly Nth Cf ass-end-to, hindside-to  =backside-to.  [Backwards; in reversed position; inside out.]1926 DN 5.385 ME, Back-end-too [sic]. . . Reversed. “He turned back-end-too.” Common.  1959 VT Hist. new ser 27.124, Back end to: with the rear of something facing one. Common.  1965–70 DARE (Qu. MM2, . . “You’ve got your dress on ____.”) Infs AL3, CT25, NY155, WI13, WY5, Back-end-to; NJ16, Back-end-before; AL51, IL84, 85, NY9, PA72, TN36, TX54, WV21, Back-end-front; (Qu. MM3, . . “This is the front; you’ve got the whole thing turned _____.”) Infs CT19, MA61, 73, NY136, 155, PA190, Back-end-to; MA5, Back-end-foremost.