back-actually adv

back-actually adv  Also black-actuallyOzarks  Truly, absolutely.1928 AmSp 4.118 Ozarks, Well, sir, black actu’lly an’ candidly, thet ‘ar’s the masterest catfish I ever seed!  1930 VA Qrly. Rev. 6.249, He [= a Southern Highlander] may affirm candidly and black-actually. . . that the line of his barn roof is hip-skeltered, antegogglin’, catawampus or waupajawed.  1934 (1970) Wilson Backwoods Amer. 70 Ozarks, He may affirm candid and back-actually that Tola Summerlin’s was the best hawg meat he ever et.  1953 Randolph Down in Holler 67 Ozarks, Wilson . . reports really and back-actually, candid and back-actually, and candidly and back-actually, but the hillfolk that I know always say candidly an’ black-actually, pronouncing the black very plainly.