astamagootis n [Du als het maar goed is!: see quots]

A restless person, worrywart.

1980 DARE File Grand Rapids MI, A restless astamagootis? Of course! . . The term no doubt stems from the Dutch clause “Als het maar goed is,” literally translated “If it only good is,” or—more freely, “If only everything is all right.” 1980 DARE File CT, IA, A few years ago I was in the midst of an X-raying process when the technician said, “Don’t be a restless astamagootis.” . . “What did you say?” . . “Don’t be a restless astamagootis,” she repeated. “The only person I ever heard use that expression was my mother, from Iowa.”—“I have it from my mother, in Connecticut.” [1980 NADS Letters IA, My one remaining aunt . . remembers the word “astamagootis” well, but also has no associations with it.]