ass-over-teakettle adv phr

ass-over-teakettle adv phr  For varr see quots See also ace-over-apex, ass up to teacup, dolly-over-teakettles

1  Arsy-versy, head-over-heels, topsy turvy.1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 69, Ass over head. Head over heels; topsy-turvy.  1943 McAtee Dial. Grant Co. IN Suppl. 2 , Ass over appetite (applecart or endways) . . head over heels.  1958 Humphrey Home from the Hill 127 TX, Miz Missouri staggers back and the little boy goes ass-over-teakittle.  1967 DARE FW Addit neNY, Ass-over-applecart or ass-over-tin cup—when you fall over or get knocked over.  1968–69 DARE (Qu. EE9a) Inf MD29, Summersault, ass-over-tin cup [laughter]; (Qu. Y1, . . A person suddenly falling down) Inf CA120, Ass-over-appetite.  1979 Stegner Recapitulation 21 UT, The sidewalks . . had been encumbered with planters, fountains, flower urns. . . God pity the woman who window-shopped as she walked. Ass over teacup into a fountain or a bed of golardias [sic].
2  In all directions, confusedly.1969 DARE (Qu. MM12a, . .“He shot into a flock of birds and they went _____.”) Inf PA209, Every whichaway, ass-over-tin cups.