as the feller says adv phr

as the feller says adv phr  For varr see quots chiefly NEng, S Midl  As they say—used as a formula to introduce proverbial wisdom or lore, or to apologize for a cliché.1885 Cable Dr. Sevier 400 TN, “That’s a trick!” said the man. “Thanks, as the felleh says.” He looked to Mary for her appreciation of his humor. Ibid 411, She wants some more buttermilk. . . If she don’t drink it the pigs’ll git it, as the ole woman says.  1926 Kephart Highlanders 360 sAppalachians, These ridges is might’ nigh straight up and down, and, as the feller said, perpendic’lar. 1932 Smiley Gloss. New Paltz NY, Like the fellow says. . . Used in quoting an imaginary person or really an expression of your own which you do not wish to claim credit for as it may be a little beneath you—an apology to cover the identity of the author. 1935 Wolfe Of Time 340 NC, “A little breath of fresh air is just the thing we need—as the feller says,” she said, turning to Eugene now and beginning to laugh slyly.  1949 Hall Coll. eTN.1951 PADS 15.67 NH.1975 Gould ME Lingo 37, As the feller says—An expression of disclaimer. The feller has never been identified, but he gets the blame and credit for a great many remarks: “It may rain but, as the feller says, it may not.”