Repeal Day Word List

December 5th, 2013 was the 80th anniversary of the end of Prohibition! Don’t feel like bending an elbow? No problem! You can still celebrate Repeal Day with this colorful catalog of boozy words!

splo: liquor, especially when illegally made and of poor quality; hence, splo house. [S Midl, especially KY, TN]

black betty: liquor, specifically a bottle of liquor passed among the guests at a wedding.

tanglefoot: inferior or illicit whiskey; other strong drink. [old-fashioned]

tickler: a liquor flask, especially one holding a half-pint; a drink of liquor. [chiefly Sth, S Midl; old-fashioned]

bare-footed: of coffee, tea, or liquor: undiluted. [chiefly Mid and C Atl, Ohio Valley]

eyewater: liquor, especially illegal whiskey.

high lonesome: a drinking spree or binge, especially one indulged in alone.

Milwaukee goiter: an oversized stomach, especially from drinking beer or liquor.

who-shot-John: intoxicating liquor.

eyewater: liquor, especially illegal whiskey.

acknowledge the corn: originally, to admit to being drunk; by extension, to admit to any mistake, fault, or impropriety.

bend one’s elbow: to drink liquor

funnel (v): to drink excessively or too fast. [chiefly Sth, S Midl]

elbow bending: the act of drinking alcoholic beverages; also n elbow bender, a habitual drinker.

funnel gang: a set of people who drink frequently, often to excess.

coffin varnish: liquor, whiskey, especially that of low quality. [chiefly West, jocular]

blind tiger: a place that sells liquor illegally; a speakeasy. [chiefly Sth, W Midl]

ape oil: liquor. [eTN]

jake leg: paralysis of the legs caused by drinking contaminated liquor. [Chiefly S Midl, W Gulf]

wildcat: of a still or its products: illicit; hence, wildcatter, one who makes or distributes illicit liquor. [chiefly S Midl, OK, AL]

(s)pifflicated: tipsy; drunk.

buffet: a liquor bar, speakeasy, tavern.

confectionary: a barroom or liquor store. [arch; Cf grocery]

how-come-you-so: intoxicated. [old-fashioned]

sweet spirits of cats a-fighting: moonshine whiskey.

bucket of blood: a saloon or speakeasy; a cheap dive. [somewhat old-fashioned]

drunk as Cooter Brown: very intoxicated. [chiefly Sth]

tea up: to drink to excess. [old-fashioned]

corn squeezings: corn liquor, moonshine. [especially Midl]

stump juice: Illegally distilled liquor; bad liquor. [chiefly Sth, S Midl]

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