DARE to Be Healthy


Get through this list of health-related words without adopting anything and you’ll be feeling fat and sassy!

adopt To contract (a disease). Sooner or later he “adopts a rheumatiz.”  [southern Appalachians]

bedfast Bedridden. [Midland, West]

brauche Secret rituals, words, and remedies for curing sickness and disease. [From the German word Brauch: custom, habit, practice]

carpenter’s leaf An evergreen herb used in healing superficial wounds.

collywobbles An upset stomach, stomachache, or diarrhea.

corporosity One’s body or health. And how is the state of your high corporosity this morning? [South, South Midland]

crowhop To move lamely, to limp.

fantod A feeling of depression; the blues. He has the high fantods today.

fat and sassy In good health and spirits.

ginger Spirit, energy, temper. I’m feeling full of pep and ginger!

heebie-jeebies The hiccups.

last run of shad Someone weakened by time or ill health. Why she looked like the last run of shad. [Northeast, New England]

milk leg Varicose veins.

phthisic Asthma. That ole tizic’ull leave you sure as shooten.

root doctor One who treats illness with roots and herbs.

sent for and couldn’t come Indisposed, out of sorts, exhausted. He looks like he’s been sent for and couldn’t come! [South, South Midland]

sick abed in the woodbox Quite well—used as a facetious response to queries about one’s health or to imply that someone is pretending to be ill; slightly unwell. [Northeast]

sniptious Feeling in the best of health and spirits. I’m feeling sniptious!  [South, South Midland]

sugar, sugar disease, sugar diabetes, sweet blood, sweet diabetes Diabetes.

tired blood Anemia.

turnverein A club or society devoted primarily to fostering health and physical education. [From German turnverein: gymnastic society]

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