Volume 5 [Sl-Z] Quiz Answers

1. slow-walk (chiefly South Atlantic) H. To pursue slowly but persistently.
2. smart (especially New England) O. Healthy; chipper, spry.
3. sneaky (Pennsylvania German area) N. Fastidious, particular (about food).
4. sometimey (especially South Atlantic) L. Fickle, moody, inconsistent.
5. spa (Northeast, especially Massachusetts) M. A small restaurant, tavern, or soda fountain.
6. spouting (chiefly Pennsylvania, Ohio, Great Lakes) B. A roof gutter or downspout.
7. squeeze the apple (West) J. To hold on to the saddle while riding a horse.
8. stand in with (chiefly South, South Midland) S. To side or be in league with.
9. sulter (southern Appalachians, Ozarks) U. To swelter.
10. tavern (northwestern Iowa, southeastern South Dakota) K. A sandwich made with crumbled ground beef.
11. tear the bone out (especially Arkansas) P. To make an extraordinary effort.
12. tee-nincy (chiefly South, South Midland) T. Very tiny.
13. thunder egg (chiefly West, especially Oregon) C. A geode.
14. thunder pumper (especially western Great Lakes, Upper Midwest) E. A bittern.
15. uff-da (Norwegian settlement areas, especially Minnesota, Wisconsin) V. An expression of surprise, aversion, disgust, or pain.
16. vamoose (West) D. To leave in a hurry.
17. veiller (Louisiana) I. To pay a visit.
18. wedge, wedgie (chiefly southeastern New York) X. A large sandwich.
19. whay (especially northern New England, Upstate New York) Z. Go, go on—used as a command to a cow.
20. wicked (New England, chiefly Maine, Massachusetts) Y. Very; extremely; really.
21. wonder (especially Pennsylvania German area) R. To surprise, amaze.
22. wreck pan (West) F. A receptacle for dirty dishes.
23. wrist (Upstate New York) W. An ear of corn whose husks have been pulled back.
24. X’s-and-O’s (especially North Central, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) A. Tick-tack-toe.
25. you betcha (chiefly North, North Midland, California, Texas; now especially Upper Midwest, Northwest) Q. Yes, indeed; certainly.
26. zori (especially Hawaii, West) G. A thonged sandal.

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