Volume 5 Quiz [Sl-V]

These terms are all entries in DARE; they are used in various parts of the country.  See how many you can match up.

1. sleight a. very tiny
2. sliding pond b. arthritis
3. slough pumper c. a cyclone cellar
4. spa d. a playground slide
5. spatzie e. a paper cone or bag
6. stick knife f. a large folding knife
7. stob g. a little tyke
8. storm pit h. a small restaurant, tavern, or soda fountain
9. stretch the blanket i. to leave in a hurry
10. strubbly j. unkempt, disheveled
11. stump-mover k. a stake or post
12. tabby l. a sparrow
13. tacker m. a special skill or talent
14. tavern n. concrete made of lime, sand, and oyster shells
15. tee-nincy o. mumblety-peg
16. toadstabber p. a bittern
17. toot q. to exaggerate, lie
18. tush hog r. a heavy rain
19. Uncle Arthur s. a sandwich made with crumbled ground beef
20. vamoose t. a tough, aggressive person

Volume 5 Quiz Answers