Volume 4 Quiz

These terms are all entries in DARE; they are used in various parts of the country.  See how many you can match up.

1. rain dog a. a man’s short hairstyle
2. princeton b. a nickname for an unimportant or out-of-the-way place
3. sailor’s purse c. a dense growth of dwarf oak
4. shinnery d. a water faucet placed on the outside of a building
5. pinkie e. a main dish pie, frequently containing fish and rice
6. pirok f. a trick, deception
7. railroad g. a vacant lot or city block
8. shab h. of ice: crumbling, disintegrating, becoming porous
9. Skunk’s Misery i. of bread or cake: heavy, dense, soggy
10. poison apple j. to sneak away, slink off
11. ridy-bob k. a rascal; critter, varmint
12. sad l. an atmospheric phenomenon; a small arc of rainbow
13. sill cock m. a tomato
14. sandy n. a small sailing vessel with a sharp stern
15. prairie o. to reprimand; criticize
16. scraper p. a seesaw
17. read out q. a work party in which participants make new articles from old pieces of cloth
18. rag bee r. to hurry; to deal with quickly
19. reina s. a rockfish (Sebastes elongatus)
20. rotten t. the egg case of a skate or shark

Volume 4 Quiz Answers