Volume 3 Quiz

These terms are all entries in DARE; they are used in various parts of the country.  See how many you can match up.

1. idiot stick a. stilts
2. inchworm b. harvest festival
3. infare days c. catalpa bean
4. johnny walkers d. cut into pieces
5. jugarum e. bell pepper
6. Juneteenth f. report
7. junk g. snack bar
8. kermiss h. unusual
9. king’s ex i. Spanish moss
10. kram j. shovel
11. kensington k. bullfrog
12. lady cigar l. time-out
13. lanai m. go into hiding
14. larrup n. press hard
15. lay up o. inquisitive person
16. mango p. sandstorm
17. mash q. honeymoon
18. maypop r. Emancipation Day
19. mulligrubs s. junky stuff
20. norate t. porch
21. neb-nose u. thrash
22. night prowler v. passion flower
23. noshery w. looper
24. off-brand x. unwellness
25. Oklahoma rain y. sewing club
26. old man’s beard z. earthworm

Volume 3 Quiz Answers