Volume 1-3 Quiz

These terms are all entries in DARE; they are used in various parts of the country.  See how many you can match up.

1. arigato a. a ball of bread dough fried in deep fat
2. goose nest b. to be infatuated or in love
3. iron man c. a celebration for a newly married couple
4. crimmy d. cold, chilly
5. election pink e. disgusted with, sated by
6. mean f. a dollar
7. kiss-me-quick g. to eat noisily, chew loudly
8. nebby h. to flirt or court
9. leppy i. a jazz dance step
10. mouse j. a lump or swelling caused by a blow
11. comb one’s head k. a moonshiner
12. fish tail l. an orphan calf, lamb, or colt
13. jewlark m. a rhododendron
14. blockader n. a sinkhole
15. infare o. snoopy, inquisitive
16. get one’s nose open p. a sudden dip or rise in the road
17. keekling q. thank you
18. chank r. a type of pastry
19. feest s. to whip, beat, scold severely
20. holy poke t. very, exceedingly

Volume 1-3 Quiz Answers