Synonyms Quiz

These terms are all entries in DARE, illustrating their use in various parts of the country. See how many you can match up.

1. hoagie a. clodhopper
2. terrace b. long john
3. mother, may I c. parking strip
4. rube d. dust bunny
5. walkingstick e. frying skillet
6. davenport f. pumpkinseed
7. can g. griddle cake
8. mountain lion h. rubber ice
9. kitten i. dragonfly
10. horse apple j. gully washer
11. frog-strangler k. praying mantis
12. rear l. sub
13. flapjack m. meadow muffin
14. maple bar n. little house
15. mosquito hawk o. raise
16. gallery p. freeze
17. spider q. collywobbles
18. cracky benders r. cougar
19. sunfish s. piazza
20. mulligrubs t. chesterfield

Synonyms Quiz Answers