Biloxi bacon

Biloxi bacon n sMS Cf Albany beef n, Cape Cod turkey n

= striped mullet n.

1892 Biloxi Herald (MS) 10 Sept [4]/3 (, When the summer visitors had departed . . those seeking employment had to go elsewhere to find it, while others were content to remain idly at home trusting to the faithful cast-net to furnish them with a bountiful supply of Biloxi bacon—black-eyed mullet. 1910 Forest & Stream 74.22 sMS, The mullet, a small but very palatable fish, is the common diet of the people all along the coast, and is familiarly known as “Biloxi bacon.” 1930 Daily Herald (Biloxi MS) 28 June 2/2, After the fish had been fried and those present had done full justice to the well prepared “Biloxi bacon” they all gathered together on the beach and spent a most enjoyable evening telling jokes. 1960 Delta Democrat–Times (Greenville MS) 7 Aug 8/7, Adam fishes [for tarpon] mostly with live mullet for bait. He calls them “Biloxi bacon.” 1986 DARE File MS coast, “Biloxi Bacon” is not bacon or meat but refers to the fish called Mullet which was very abundant . . years ago. 2009 in 2015 DARE File—Internet seMS, Mullet is called Biloxi Bacon here because some people will eat nothing else, and way back when it was standard on every table because they were plentyful.