[Note: This entry was previously Berliner kranzer.]

Berlinerkrans n Pl Berlinerkranser Also sp Berlinerkranz(er) [Norw, literally “Berlin wreath”] esp Scandinavian settlement areas

A type of butter cookie baked in the form of a wreath.

1914 Honberger Tried Receipts Pasadena 78 swCA, Cookies—Berliner Kranz— . . Roll out by hand—form into “Krantz” (wreaths) or pretzel. . . Mrs. Wilhelm Madsen. 1929 Eve. Tribune (Albert Lea MN) 8 Feb 7/6, [Advt:] Sons of Norway Annual Midwinter Festival. . . Lutefisk Supper With All Its Trimmings, and Other Palatable Edibles. . . Coffee . . Berliner Kranser . . Jule Kaker . . Fattigmand. 1935 WI State Jrl. (Madison) 23 Sept 16/6, Mrs. Berit Strand was chairman of the refreshment committee, . . which served such Norwegian dishes as . . Berliner Kranzer. 1948 Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell MT) 11 Dec 7/3, [Advt:] Orders for baking Norwegian pastry taken until Dec. 15. . . Berliner-kranser 30c. doz. . . Mrs. Paul Boveng. 1951 Winona Republican & Herald (MN) 7 May 13/2, Says Mrs. Gjerdrum: “The food will be true Scandinavian. . . Norwegian meat balls, . . lefse and flatbrod, berliner-krans, fattig-mand, strul, rosettes, and so on and on.” 1952 Tracy Coast Cookery 175 ND, Berliner-Kranser. . . Mix beaten egg yolks with sugar and hard-boiled egg yolks. . . work in the flour and butter. . . Chill the dough. . . Form into wreaths. 1967 DARE Tape MN6, And then there are Berliner kranser [ˈkrɑntsɚ] which you make with the yolks of hard boiled eggs, and sugar, and raw egg yolk, and flour, and butter. And they’re kind of catchy to make, but they really are very good. They’re a harder cookie than the others. 1981 Capital Times (Madison WI) 14 Oct Today sec 2/3, Trinity Lutheran Church DeForest—Lutefisk, Swedish meatballs and Norwegian desert [sic] delicacies such as . . berliner krans are on the menu. 2005 in 2016 DARE File—Internet WA, There are few traditions in my family that I can easily trace back to our European ancestry, but one that has survived is the baking of Berlinerkranser, a Norwegian holiday treat.