belly-guts n

Sticks of pulled molasses candy. [From the appearance] chiefly sePA old-fash Cf belly-wax n

1807 Tickler (Philadelpha PA) 16 Dec [3]/1, The strait line [of marching soldiers] was doubled, like a boy would bend a stick of belly-guts, so as to stow it away with more convenience. 1835 in 1838 Sanderson Sketches Paris 148 sePA,There was an old woman here in a little stall . . who sells tobacco and butter, and belly-guts, besides vaudevilles and epic poems. 1870 Amer. Educ. Mth. 7.329 sePA, Belly-guts . . was the name given to long-drawn, twisted white sticks of molasses candy, (this name was not used forty years ago), and, we believe, is still in vogue. 1956 Dutchman 8.16 ce, sePA, Bellyguts, though still known here and there, seems to have passed into the realm of the area’s passive vocabulary altogether. 1960 Bedford Gaz. (PA) 30 June 2/3, This year for the first time the candy specialties of the Dutch Country will be made and sold on the festival grounds. Included are such sweets as moashey, belly guts—a type of pulled taffy—and “groomberra” candy.
See belly-gut n 1.