being conj chiefly Sth, S Midl, NEng

Because, since.

1658 in 1856 RI (Colony) Records 1.396, The collonies . . seeme to be ofended with us, beinge the sayd people [=Quakers] have theire liberty amongst us. Ibid 398, And beinge a barrill of furrs was returned in that shippe . . the collony hath taken order for the recruitinge of that loss. 1707 in 1836 Carroll Hist. Coll. SC 2.94, It is a Pity they should be farther thined with Civil Quarrels, being their Service is in all Respects so necessary. 1846 in 1848 Lowell Biglow 3 MA, He didn’t want to put his ore in to tetch to the Rest on ’em, bein they wuz verry well As thay wuz. 1856 Whitcher Bedott Papers 324 cNY, If she was only a man I could give her a cowhidin’ or at least threaten to; but bein’ she ’s a woman I don’t know what to dew. 1897 Lewis Wolfville 307 AZ, I’m shore sorry you ain’t got no sweetheart to say ‘good-bye;’ an’ bein’ you’re lonesome, that a-way, I’ll kiss you an’ say adios myse’f. 1905 DN 3.3 cCT, Being, conj. Because. 1944 PADS 2.26 wNC, cwOH, Being I can’t go with him, I won’t wait. 1946 [see 1b(4) below]. 2011 in 2016 DARE File—Internet, And being I’m a true blue Southerner, remember we always find a way to relate most of life to about three things: Food, College Football, and Cars.
Used in var combs with the same sense, as:

(1) being as; pronc-sp bein’s.

1856 Whitcher Bedott Papers 156 cNY, I goes on to testify to the truth on ’t by showin’ how diffikilt ’t is to make any kind o’ calkilation about any thing, bein’ as all things of a transiterry natur is so onsartin. 1862 Gilmore Among the Pines 309 NC, Mi’tey sqeemish thet, warn’t it? bein’ as shede ben fur so mony yar the Cunnel’s ——, an’ th’ tuther one his raal wife. 1879 (1880) Tourgée Fool’s Errand 44 Sth, I thought it would be no more than neighborly, being as you were strangers. 1880 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 61.583 CT, I’ve seen quite a few men-folks, bein’ as I go out nursin’ by spells. 1892 DN 1.229 KY, Bein’ as [bins]. “Bein’s it’s you, I will take a dollar for it.” [DN note:] Also in New England; but the pronunciation is binz. . . In Michigan biənəz. 1905 DN 3.69 nwAR, Bein’s [biɪnz], adv. conj. Because. . . Common among the uneducated. 1907 DN 3.209 nwAR, cCT, Being. . . Because—usually bein’ ’s (being as). 1908 DN 3.290 eAL, wGA, Being as, bein’s. . . Since. 1942 Faulkner Go Down 125 MS, “I’ll tote her,” George said. “Bein as she’s Nat’s.” 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.519, Being (as). . . Since, because. . . General. Illiterate. 1966 DARE FW Addit ceME, “Bein’ as you’re here” means since you are here. 1998 Los Angeles Times (CA) 24 Apr (Internet), “Being as he was struck by a locomotive, at what we understand was slow speeds, we took a lot of precautions,” said Capt. Mike O’Malia of the Oxnard Fire Department. 2005 Williams Gratitude 209 wNC (as of 1940s), My older brothers and sisters, spacially Bud—bein’s he was the oldest, had it a whole lot rougher.
(2) being as that; pronc-spp beings that, beinst.

1805 Eve. Fire-Side 1.170 sePA, As to sleeves, it was quite vulgar to mention them, being as that neither she nor any other lady of fashion was seen wearing such things now-a-days. 1955 in 1971 O’Connor Complete Stories 175 GA, Beinst she was kin to us, we gone to see the body. 1987 Young Latchpins 9 ceTN (as of 1920s–1930s), The corn for your horse will be a quarter and, beings that you eat like one and smell even worse, your fare will be the same.
(3) being as how; pronc-sp bein’s how.

1824 Atlantic Mag. 1.344 Staten Island NY, Josh Martinow and me staid up at York, being as how Josh va’nt altogether snug in his knowledge box, and his compass vould’nt vork. 1835 Ladies’ Companion 2.189 NEng, Lucy Cooledge is in particular want of a situation, being as how old Miss Amory died two weeks ago, and ain’t left her no provision. 1856 Whitcher Bedott Papers 184 cNY, I don’t care if you tell Sam Pendergrasses wife, bein’ as how she ’s a partickler friend o’ mine. 1883 Harris Nights with Remus 185 GA [Black], He say dat bein’s how I sech a good fr’en’ er de fambly I kin come en ax you fer ter gimme a mess er Inglish peas. 1889 Century Illustr. Mag. 37.407 cnVA, I ain’t nuvver whooped that a -way yit, mister, . . but I mought do it fur you, bein’ as how ye got so much slack-jaw. 1968 DARE FW Addit IA29, Being as how you’re ready, let’s go. 2005 Williams Gratitude 479 wNC (as of 1940s), Bein’ as how you’re going to the store, how about bringing me back a box of snuff.
(4) being that; pronc-spp be-endat, being ’(a)t.

1843 Lady’s Wreath 1.232, He made them a sort of speech, which I did n’t exactly understand, bein’ that it was in Spanish, but one of the maintop-men told me aterwards that he told them how his boat’s crew and officer had been burnt. 1887 (1895) Robinson Uncle Lisha 11 VT, Bein’ ’at we haint all o’ one mind, we can’t expeck to be all on us suited. Ibid 67, That ’ill pay for aour drinks, bein’ ’t we’re all light drinkers. 1897 Lewis Wolfville 307 AZ, Which, while the play is some onusual an’ out of line, everybody agrees it’s all right; bein’ that we-alls is goin’ to a war, that a-way. 1910 Delineator 76.11 WI, We let be that we didn’t remember to tell him, bein’ that Silas—or bein’ that we—well, bein’ that bein’ human is quite a big job. 1937 Santa Rosa News (NM) 14 May [6]/4 (, There is doubt about Erma, being that she thinks she is the most stylish and popular gal. 1946 PADS 6.5 eNC, swVA, Being; being that. . . Since. 1969 Valley News & Valley Green Sheet (Van Nuys CA) 4 May sec B 1/1, All but one of them pay little or no tax. Being that they are able to pay for a competent tax attorney and accountant. 1998 DARE File—Internet cePA [Language of the Hayna Valley], Be-endat—Means “because.” “I can’t be wit my kuzzints in Tarupe be-endat I’m in da beer garden in Plimmit. 2001 Brownsville Herald (TX) 16 Oct sec A 10/3, She did not wish to open the letter being that she thought it was suspicious being that she had never had any business dealings with the company. 2014 Post–Std. (Syracuse NY) 22 May sec B 9/6, Being that she was a spawning female out of season, we released her after a quick few pics.
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