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bean-snapper n Cf beaner n 2, bean-flipper n, bean-shooter n, beany n, rubber snapper n

A slingshot.

1874 Daily Constitution (Middletown CT) 3 Oct [2]/3, A son of Mrs. Thomas at South Farms had his eye put out, Thursday, by a boy named Jackson, who fired a bean into his eye, thrown from a bean snapper. 1881 MI State Horticult. Soc. Annual Rept. 1880 56, First comes a broken jack-knife, then a peg top, two fish lines, a skate strap, a bean snapper, a bag of gravel stones, an old gun lock, . . and about two quarts of marbles. 1891 Atchison Daily Globe (KS) 13 May [4]/4 (, Wichita has suppressed the town chicken and the small boy’s bean snapper. 1915 Waterloo Eve. Courier & Waterloo Daily Reporter (IA) 18 Nov [14]/2 (, More persons probably watched the shooting at the Des Moines Gun club yesterday afternoon than have been there since some of its members were shooting with bean-snappers. 1938 La Crosse Tribune & Leader–Press (WI) 2 June 6/4, Parents . . are responsible for the acts of their children and are requested to instruct them not to use any gun, sling shot, or bean snapper in the city limits. 1950 WELS (Weapon used by children) 1 Inf, cwWI, Sling-shot—also bean-snapper.