hanner-on-the-rock n Cf Hannah n A

A bittercress n (here: Cardamine diphylla).

1956 Lexington Leader (KY) 17 Mar 2/3, As a proponent of all kinds of early greens from wild “Hanner-on-the-Rock” to the elegant and refined Bibb lettuce, Bill says few plants equal this kale in taste. 1961 Mt. Life 37.1.57 Appalachians, In almost any old field can be found wild lettuce, pepper grass, sheep’s tongue, poke, hanner-on-the-rock, creasies, crow’s foot, and a hundred others. 1980 Lexington Leader (KY) 26 Mar sec D 8/2, Crow’s foot and “Hanner-on-the-Rock” are actually two varieties of toothwort. They are the earliest of greens and can be cooked alone or mixed with other greens. . . Hanner-on-the-Rock has three 1-inch broad leaves at the end of a stem.