cow’s glory

cow’s glory n Also cow glory esp MO

An unidentified edible green.

1905 Linn Co. Budget (Brookfield MO) 22 Apr [7]/3, Old Uncle Frank Peavler . . . said he has a 20 gallon kettle down in the creek bottom and he says he fills that kettle up with cow glory, woollen breeches, lamb’s tongue and all other native greens and hangs a side of good old fat bacon over the kettle and, he says, that by the time his greens are cooked good and tender they are well seasoned. 1924 Notes Pine Mt. School 2.2.1 seKY, “In Aprile” we country folk make a sunshine holiday and search the woods for greens; plantain, crow-foot, bear’s lettuce, cow’s glory, woollen breeches, even spring beauties go into the basket. 1937 Milan Std. (MO) 29 Apr 7/2, Well, news is scarce owing to the fact the men folks are too busy in the fields and the women folks are too busy picking cow glory to visit much. 1943 Webb City Daily Sentinel (MO) 20 May 1/5, Old fashioned “greens” are helping Webb City folk eke out their war rations this wet week. . . Some of the the favored wild plants (weeds to the uninitiated) are polk[,] lamb’s quarter, wild lettuce, dandelion, wild mustard, dock, crowfoot, plantain[,] speckledeck, cow’s glory, chicory or blue sailors[,] purslane or pursley, pink milkweed, etc. How many of these savory “weeds” have you ever heard of, gentle reader?