mush n4

mush n4 sePA

In cornerball n: = mush pot n 1.

1899 Lancaster Examiner (PA) 23 Aug 7/1, A young Golier [=Goliath] might scare off burglars and tramps, but that is all the use he could be put to. He would have no fun at school. . . He couldn’t play corner-ball for he would touch every boy in the ‘mush.’ 1974 PA Folklife 24.1.24 sePA, One team [in cornerball] is “at corner” and the other team is “in mush.” Four men of the team at corner station themselves behind the planks at the corners. Two men from the team in mush enter the square. 1998 Lancaster New Era (PA) 27 Feb sec D 3/4, To play the game [=cornerball], four corners are formed in a rectangle about 30 to 40 feet apart. The space inside the rectangle is called the mush. . . Six men are on a team. Four men from a team are at the corners. Two men from the competing team are inside the mush.