carriony adj Usu pronc spp cyarny, kyarny [ carrion n + -y suff1 1] chiefly sAppalachians

Foul-smelling, disgusting; slovenly, lazy; hence adv carriony despicably, shabbily.

1887 Boggs 18 Months Prisoner 10 IL, Here, as on the Island, we got the half-brick-shaped piece of corn bread once a day, with a small allowance of buggy soup . . , and occasionally some meat of horrible carriony flavor. 1973 Charlotte Observer (NC) 9 Jan sec B 8/1, The purpose of some of us seems to be to give all other housekeepers somebody to feel lots better than. . . The supreme expletive in such a case, up the line a ways, anyways, is “Kyarny. Jis’ Plain Kyarny!” We can figure that comes from “carrion,” which fits uncomfortably well, come to think of it. 1991 Still Wolfpen Notebooks 118 sAppalachians, If he’d treated me that carriony, I’d kick his rump until his nose bled. 2002 DARE File eKY, While visiting my grandmother over the weekend, she used a word I have never heard. . . She called my uncle a, “Kyarny, good fer nuthin’!” Can anyone help me with this word, which I suppose means lazy? 2004 Winston–Salem Jrl. (NC) 6 Nov sec A 13/3, A typical warning to my brother and me was: “Don’t go near that woodpile. There’s a snake quiled up in there, and don’t touch anything that’s cyarny.” 2014 in 2022 DARE File—Internet, I am trying to track down an old word. . . [I]t is pronounced “kyarn-ee” and it is used as an adjective to describe something that smells horrible. In fact, I believe it has connotations of (pardon my language) “sh***y.” I know of only two people in my entire life who used this word. One is my best friend’s mother, who has lived her entire life here in Franklin County, VA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The other is my husband’s grandmother, who was born, raised, and lived her entire life in Wayne County, WV, near the WV / KY border. 2014 in 2022 DARE File—Internet nGA, I’ve heard the word all my life. Granny Lou might say of a lazy bum drifting through. “They need to get their kyarny behind on down th’ road! I reckon some of their folks got killed with a bar of soap. They are skeered of it.” 2018 in 2022 DARE File—Internet, Someone who lays on the couch all day when there is work to do is being “cyarny.”