boiled cake

boiled cake n Also boil cake CT Obs Cf friedcake n 1

A doughnut.

1853 Hubbell Shady Side 81 wCT, Dried beef, and cheese, . . made their entrée . . ; then a plate of golden butter, and the sweet brown-bread, and boiled cakes so huge and uncouth as well to merit the name of “wonders.” 1895 DN 1.387 wCT, [A deep-fried cake] Raised with baking soda or saleratus; sweetened; cut in rings or twisted. . . was biled-cakes if in twisted form, and jumbles if in rings. (Jumbles also sometimes meant a sort of sweet cookies, baked in the same form.) 1932 DN 6.283 swCT, Boil cakes. Doughnuts. 1947 Bowles–Towle New Engl. Cooking 202, In Connecticut, sweet twisted doughnuts were “biled cakes”; in Massachusetts they were fried cakes.