crosswaying n Cf crossway v

The material or structure of a crossway n.

1794 in 1971 Denny Military Jrl. 201 PA, The old road appears now to be dryer than the grubbed one. Indeed in many places where the cross-waying is, the ground does not appear to want it. 1861 Appleton Crescent (WI) 12 Oct [3]/2, Mr. K. has had over 100 rods of good crosswaying done, with a few rods to finish this fall. 1878 Pee Dee Herald (Wadesboro NC) [21 Aug 5]/3, [Letter:] Tell our Legislator to have the road law amended, so that cross-waying shall be but eight feet long, and placed altogether on one side of the road—then in winter we can take the poles, and when the roads harden in summer, we can drive off, and have a good dirt road. 1897 Weekly Corinthian (Corinth MS) 4 Sept [4]/3, [Letter:] we can have better roads and cheaper roads if gravel is used instead of crosswaying. 1905 Ozark Tribune (AL) [11 July 4]/1, As I was coming in on that day . . in a fast trot, I ran on some crosswaying in the road before I had time to take up. Something popped loud, . . and the buggy went down. 1952 Guardian–Jrl. (Homer LA) 28 Feb [3]/5, [Advt:] As soon as the four miles of cross-waying between Trickem and Waldo is completed the editor of the Chronic is going to bust open with all kinds of news, facts, data and stuff.