creek thatch

creek thatch n Long Is. NY, sNEng Cf creek n1 B1

= cordgrass n, esp Spartina cynosuroides and S. glabra.

1659 in 1882 Southold NY Town Rec. 1.86 Long Is. NY, Another percell of Creek thach meadow between halliocks neck and Sawgust neck. 1665 in 1913 MA Essex Co. Court Records 3.276 neMA, John Glover . . deposed that creek thatch was as good fodder as hay, etc. 1673 in 1901 Essex Inst. Coll. 37.220 Nantucket MA, 2 acres meadow, and his proportion of creek thatch. 1707 in 1847 Hall Recs. Norwalk CT 101, The Towne by their present act, do prohibit any person or persons cutting any sedge or Crick-thatch, on any of the towne’s right, before ye first day of September, annually. 1767 in 1884 Southold NY Town Rec. 2.498 Long Is. NY, Matthias Corwin of sd Southold . . [was] desired to testifie what he knew concerning a certain Island or flatt of crickthatch . . lying in or near the mouth of a crick between the Neck of land called Robins Island Neck . . and certain Neck then possessed by Benjamin Horton. 1794 Society Useful Arts Trans. 1.2.116 Long Is. NY, He informed me that he gave the horse no grain of any kind, but kept him in a very poor pasture adjoining a creek where creek-thatch grew on sand-flats. 1855 NY Herald (NY) 17 Sept 6/2 Long Is. NY, [Advt:] Executor’s sale of very valuable real estate in the village of Glen Cove, L. I. . . 10th parcel—An eighth of Creek Thatch. 1890 Century Dict. 5799/3, S[partina] polystachya, the largest species, a stately plant with a broad stiff panicle often of fifty spikes, is known locally on the coast as creek-thatch and creek-stuff, from its growth in creeks or inlets of salt water, and from its use, when cut, as a cover for stacks of salt-hay and as bedding in stables. 1933 Brooklyn Times Union (NY) 28 July 9/1 Long Is. NY, Proposition 6 . . settles title to the meadow and creek thatch by dividing it between the town [=Oyster Bay] and the present claimants.