creek stuff

creek stuff n chiefly seMA Cf creek n1 B1

= cordgrass n, esp Spartina cynosuroides.

1669 in 1901 Essex Inst. Coll. 37.219 Nantucket MA, On[e] aker more for Capt. Gardner & Thomas Macy . . for the mill and creek stuff proportionable. 1713 in 1920 Mayflower Descendant 22.111 Cape Cod MA, Also Two acres of Creek stuff and Broken marsh next to Joseph Gorehams where Thomas Haddaway hath used to mow with priveledge of sleeding it up to the Drying Ground att Greean Hill after the grass is mown. 1807 in 1846 MA Hist. Soc. Coll. 2d ser 3.51 Martha’s Vineyard MA, Another kind of grass, called creek stuff, grows on the borders of the ponds, and the greatest part of it in the water. 1831 New Engl. Farmer (ed. Fessenden) 9.220/3 ceMA, Some years since, I purchased a farm in the vicinity of Boston, having about 50 acres of Salt Marsh full of salt ponds, the Marsh yielding about 33 tons of hay mixed with thatch, creek stuff or coarse sedge. 1890 Century Dict. 5799/3, S[partina] polystachya, the largest species, a stately plant with a broad stiff panicle often of fifty spikes, is known locally on the coast as creek-thatch and creek-stuff, from its growth in creeks or inlets of salt water. 1902 Forest & Stream 59.448/3 seMA, A few days ago I saw a flock of females fly down to the salt water, while some alighted on the shore at the water’s edge, two dropped into the grass—called “creek stuff” here—where the water was two feet deep.