creek sedge

creek sedge n Also creek sedge grass Cf creek n1 B1

A cordgrass n (here: Spartina alterniflora).

1689 in 1917 Pilgrim N&Q 5.118 seMA, [To] my son Elisha all that my land lying in the necke with the meadow thereunto belonging Excepting the priveledge of Cutting and having two load of Creek sedge which shall be for my two sons Samuel and Joseph. 1890 CT Ag. Exper. Sta. Annual Rept. for 1889 237, Creek Sedge (Spartina stricta, var. glabra). —This species . . when it grows on the banks of the creeks and ditches becomes coarse and rank, reaching a height of six or eight feet by the first of August, when it blooms. 1911 Century Dict. Suppl., Creek-sedge. . .. A salt-marsh grass, Spartina glabra, abounding particularly along the edge of creeks and estuaries on the Atlantic coast. 1917 U.S. Geol. Surv. Professional Paper No. 105 77, The flora of the lower and broader parts [of marshes] varies with the salinity of the water. About San Francisco Bay the dominant plant is creek sedge (Spartina). 1995 Orion 14 Spring 53/1 eMA, Such creeks are cracks; always the banks are caving, the saltmeadow cordgrass and creek sedge grass losing their grip on the mud and tumbling into the current.