crimpy adj [crimp pinch, compress + -y; cf crimp n] chiefly W Midl, West old-fash

Of weather: cold; disagreeable.

1880 Republic Co. Jrl. (Scandia KS) [9 Oct 5]/3, Wild geese are flying southward. Look out for crimpy weather. 1902 Anaconda Std. (MT) 24 Jan 12/5, It is getting to be what the hack drivers call “crimpy” weather. The cold seems to squeeze one’s body and twist it a little bit, by way of a reminder that spring is not here by any means. 1905 DN 3.76 nwAR, Crimpy. . . Inferior, disagreeable. ‘How’s this for crimpy weather?’ Rare. 1908 Bismarck Daily Tribune (ND) 11 Feb 4/3, Some of the towns along the northern border of the state report some crimpy weather recently. 1910 Dayton Herald (OH) 28 Oct 3/4, [Advt:] Get ready to snuggle into these warm gowns in the promised crimpy weather. 1920 AZ Republican (Phoenix) 24 Dec 4/2, This crimpy weather in the mornings is not just such as we would order as a regular thing, but it is appropriate to the Christmas season. 1940 Edwardsville Intelligencer (IL) 31 Oct 1/3, Cool, crimpy weather which is about ready to put frost on the pumkin’ will prevail here Thursday night. 1954 Harder Coll. cwTN. 1958 McCulloch Woods Words 41 Pacific NW, Crimpy—Cold weather. 1960 Criswell Resp. to PADS 20 Ozarks, Crimpy. . . Chilly. “The air is a little crimpy out there.” (Always common.) 1965 Sacramento Bee (CA) 16 Dec sec H 3/3, Crimpy weather is keeping pressure to a minimum with virtually no rod on stream or lake. 1983 MJLF 9.36 ceKY (as of 1956), Crimpy . . cool (referring to the weather).