crim v, n Also sp cream [EDD creem v.1, sb. (also, in Devon and Cornwall, crim) “To shiver, shudder. . . A shiver, shudder.”] neMA Cf crimmy adj

To shiver with cold; a shiver, shivery feeling.

1861 Lander Marion Graham 349 neMA, Well, sir, the doctor says she’s got a compilation of disorders. In the fust place, she was taken all of a crim; then a rebellious fever sot in; and last night she was ravin’ melirious. 1874 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 49.188 neMA, Crim was another [=word peculiar to Marblehead], meaning to shudder with cold, and there was an adjective, crimmy. 1931–33 LANE Worksheets neMA, Cream [krɪm] A chilly feeling. Cream is a chilly feeling with goose flesh that’s creamy.